19 May, 2021
Mallorca Bliss
15 July, 2021



Bonaire is a restaurant located in Alcudia, Mallorca, dedicated to offering an exceptional culinary experience with fresh, high quality seafood. At JA Creative Design, we are proud to have had the opportunity to work on the branding and graphic design project for this unique restaurant.

Our goal was to capture the essence of the sea and convey the passion for gastronomy in every detail of the restaurant's visual identity. From the logo to the design of the menus and the decoration of the place, each element was carefully created to reflect the elegance and freshness found in Bonaire's dishes.

On our website, you can find detailed information about the restaurant's history, its commitment to quality products and the values that make it stand out in Mallorca's gastronomic scene. In addition, you can explore our image gallery, which showcases the beauty of the carefully prepared dishes and the unique ambience of the place.

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