Proyecto Santanyí
7 December, 2019
Velero Rafael Verdera
25 December, 2019
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The identity design project for Architect Gabriel Pérez consisted of creating a visual brand that represented his unique style and innovative approach in the field of architecture. The main objective was to develop a strong and recognisable identity that would reflect Gabriel Perez's passion and creativity in each of his projects.

To achieve this, a distinctive logo was created that combined architectural elements with abstract and modern forms. The logo represented the fusion between the aesthetic beauty and functionality of architectural structures, which perfectly reflected Gabriel Perez's approach to design.

In addition to the logo, elegant and sophisticated business cards were designed to convey the architect's professionalism and unique style. These cards had a minimalist yet striking design, with neutral colours and modern typography.

To complement the visual identity, a modern and attractive website was developed that showcased Gabriel Perez's featured projects, as well as his contact information and design philosophy. The website was designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, providing visitors with a pleasant and informative experience.

In summary, the identity design project for Architect Gabriel Perez was a success, conveying his unique style and innovative approach through a strong and recognisable visual brand. This identity has enabled Gabriel Perez to stand out in the field of architecture and attract clients who value his creativity and professionalism.

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