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12 August, 2022
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13 August, 2022

Herden Immobilien

Finest Properties

Branding project for Herden Immobilien! At JA Creative Design, we pride ourselves on collaborating with innovative companies and helping them stand out in their industry.

For Herden Immobilien, we created a new logo and visual identity that captures the essence of the real estate company and reflects the beauty and charm of the island of Mallorca. Each design element was carefully selected to convey professionalism, confidence and sophistication.

We worked closely with Herden Immobilien to understand their vision and values and translate them into a coherent visual identity. The end result is a modern and elegant branding that stands out from the competition and attracts potential clients.

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to contribute to Herden Immobilien's success and look forward to continuing to work together on future projects. Don't hesitate to visit their website to find out more about their amazing work and the wonderful properties they have to offer in Mallorca!

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