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11 December, 2016
11 December, 2016
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HomeY Corp

Arquitectura e ingeniería

Corporate Identity and web development project for the company HomeY Corp, based in Palma de Mallorca. The project had to reflect technology and architectural creativity to show its differential value. HomeY Corp is a multidisciplinary team of professionals that can develop all kinds of projects, both globally for the whole building, as well as partial or detailed projects. Their work is their passion and this is reflected in their spectacular projects.

The assignment required a complete informative website about the services they offer: architecture (new construction, interior design, refurbishment, reforms, legalisation and evaluation reports) engineering (projects, legalisation, accessibility, expert reports, vehicle reforms and public aid management) project management (meeting the quality, cost and deadline objectives of each project) HomeYachts (a new concept of housing) and finally, to show the projects carried out by the company.

Here you can see the final result of the site:

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