17 July, 2020
10 October, 2020
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Graphic and web design ScP. Logo project and web development for Saludable con Patri – Conscious and healthy eating.

Healthy eating is part of a more conscious lifestyle, which brings benefits to your health and wellbeing. As Joe Cross says “lack of time won’t give you back the health you lack when you don’t have it”. My best advice is, don’t wait until you are unwell to take care of yourself, start now while there is still time. A good diet is the best medicine.

I know it is not easy to change habits, but it is NOT impossible. It requires technique, organisation and time. And with the pace of life you lead, you will probably find it difficult to manage it.

Don’t worry, with his help you will be able to overcome these obstacles and achieve changes in a simple, realistic way and above all with achievable goals.

It is not about diets. Diets are time-bound and rarely achieve long-term results.

It is not about willpower. It will help you so that you don’t need to resort to willpower, as it sometimes fails us. You will work more on your awareness so that it is your awareness that will drive you to make the first changes.

It is about habits. It’s about turning those small steps you take into habits, and that these new and healthy habits replace the bad habits that prevent you from improving your diet and enjoying your wellbeing.

Patri went through this process 8 years ago and following a strategy with certain guidelines, she succeeded.

She holds 3 hour workshops for small groups so that she can answer all your questions and doubts. They are close and participative workshops. Her aim is that you leave with the motivation and the necessary tools to make the transition to a more conscious diet easy and possible.

It has been a pleasure to collaborate in the ScP web and graphic design.

If you are interested, you can visit their website:www.saludableconpatri.com


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