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24 February, 2024
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La Golosa

At Jorge Aleix Creative Design studio, we are excited to present the new logo design we have created for La Golosa, a delicious creperie located in Can Picafort, Mallorca. Our aim in designing this logo was to capture the essence and charm of La Golosa, so we created a symbol that represents a crepe with chocolate and strawberries. This symbol is a colourful and appetising representation of one of the most iconic and delicious products offered by La Golosa.

The predominant colour in the logo is pink, which conveys a sense of sweetness and femininity, perfect for representing La Golosa's delicious and tempting crepes. We have also incorporated colours such as cream, black and red to represent chocolate and strawberries, providing an attractive and realistic visual contrast.

In addition to the symbol, we have selected a fun and legible typography that complements the playful and appetising image of La Golosa. The letters are designed with soft curves and clean lines, conveying the feeling of freshness and quality that customers can expect when visiting the creperie.

In short, the new logo design created at Jorge Aleix Creative Design studio for La Golosa is an appetising and charming visual representation of this creperie located in Can Picafort, Mallorca. With its symbol showing a crepe with chocolate and strawberries, and the colour combination of pink, cream, black and red, the logo reflects the passion for delicious food and the unique experience found at La Golosa.

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