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7 July, 2024
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Branding and website for IN-ROCK, Sala d'Escalada.

We are pleased to present the amazing work we have done for IN-ROCK, a climbing hall that seeks to stand out for its unique and attractive visual identity. We have created a logo that combines a robust typography with a symbol that represents the holds of the climbing wall.

The logo reflects the strength and endurance that characterises climbers, capturing the essence of climbing in every stroke. The robust typography adds strength and presence, conveying the determination and defiant spirit of the sport. The logo's symbol represents the holds of the climbing wall, evoking the feeling of conquest and overcoming that is experienced when climbing. This symbol integrates harmoniously with the typography, creating a strong and coherent visual identity.

The colours selected for this project are yellow and navy blue. Yellow symbolises the energy and enthusiasm that drives climbers to push their limits. Navy blue, on the other hand, represents the confidence and stability required to face the challenges of climbing. In addition to the branding and graphic design, we have also developed a modern and functional website for IN-ROCK. This platform will allow users to explore the facilities, learn about the services offered and book their next climbing adventure. In short, our aim with this project has been to create a striking and memorable visual identity for IN-ROCK climbing venue. We hope that the logo, along with the website, will convey the passion and excitement that is experienced on every climb and become a reference in the climbing world.

You can visit the website here:

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