15 May, 2023
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4 September, 2023

LDO Mallorca Real Estate

We are delighted to present our latest branding project for LDO Mallorca Real Estate. At JA Creative Design, we are proud to have collaborated with LDO Mallorca Real Estate to create a unique and distinctive logo that reflects the essence and values of the brand.

The symbol of the logo is a typographic composition that highlights the initials L, D and O. We have created an elegant and sophisticated combination of these letters, which intertwine harmoniously to form a visually appealing and memorable design.

To convey the identity and character of LDO Mallorca Real Estate, we have carefully selected the colours dark green and gold. The dark green represents the lush nature and picturesque surroundings of Mallorca, while the gold symbolises excellence, luxury and confidence. This colour combination creates an image of prestige and sophistication, which highlights the quality and exclusivity of the services offered by LDO Mallorca Real Estate.

At JA Creative Design, we are proud to have been part of this exciting branding project for LDO Mallorca Real Estate. We have worked hard to create a logo that is a visual representation of the values and essence of the brand. We are confident that this new design will help LDO Mallorca Real Estate stand out in the market and convey its message of excellence and professionalism.

Thank you for your interest in JA Creative Design and our work with LDO Mallorca Real Estate. We are excited to continue to collaborate on future projects and help other brands reach their full potential through creative and strategic design.

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