11 February, 2016
11 February, 2016
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Patri Aleix


Corporate Identity and web development project for the photographer Patri Aleix, based in Palma de Mallorca. The project had to reflect cleanliness and simplicity with artistic touches and a subtle touch of colour that could be combined with the style of her photographs.

Patri Aleix sought to reflect the personality, the essence, of whoever stands in front of her lens, so the style of each session is defined by the personal style of each family or child. In her case, she does not feel comfortable with a photographer who asks for seriousness or formality, and in the same way, her husband would never feel comfortable with someone who suggests dancing. For her, naturalness and spontaneity are key in her sessions, she does not look for forced poses and even less so when it comes to children. That's why she doesn't limit the time she dedicates to her sessions, she wants them to be enjoyed, to be a family moment, which happens to be captured by her lens.

Here you can see the final result of the site:

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