25 January, 2016
Patri Aleix Fotografía
11 February, 2016
parallax background



Naming, corporate identity and web development project for the company Isabisu, based in Palma de Mallorca. The project had to reflect handmade artistic creativity. Isabisu is the personal brand of the artist Maribel Bernabeu and emerged about 4 years ago, although it has been this last year when the brand has taken off. The artist has always loved drawing, designing and handicrafts in general. And among all those handmade things she likes to do, she has always made costume jewellery mainly. Seeing that her art was liked, that her environment encouraged her and that she really enjoys doing this, she finally decided to create her own brand and open a website. To show everyone her creations.

The assignment required a very visual website that would make her creations known and at the same time be easy to maintain when uploading products.

Here you can see the final result of the site:

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