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26 June, 2024
7 July, 2024

Smash Padel

Welcome to the new and exciting branding and graphic design project carried out by Jorge Aleix Creative Design studio in collaboration with marketing agency GLight and Sixdarts!

We are pleased to present the amazing work we have done for the padel sports centre Smash Padel. We have created a logo that combines the modernity of two different typefaces with the powerful symbol of a person performing a padel smash.

The logo represents the passion and energy of padel, capturing the intensity and excitement experienced in every game. The combination of the two modern typefaces creates a perfect balance between sophistication and strength, reflecting the quality and professionalism of the sports centre. The colours selected for this project are navy blue and turquoise. These tones evoke a sense of calm and serenity, while conveying a fresh and dynamic image. Navy blue symbolises confidence and stability, while turquoise represents energy and vitality.

Our aim with this branding and graphic design project has been to create a unique and attractive visual identity for the Smash Padel sports centre. We hope that this new logo conveys the passion and competitive spirit that characterises the sport, and that it becomes a recognisable and memorable symbol for all those who are part of the Smash Padel community.

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