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9 December, 2023
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9 June, 2024

International Medical Spain

In this project, we have created a logo in an elegant shade of navy blue. The main symbol is a negative medical cross, which means that it is marked by the shadows cast by each of the arms of the cross. This gives the logo a sophisticated and distinctive look.

In addition, we have used a bold typeface to highlight the brand name. This font choice gives the logo a robust and confident look, conveying the professionalism and expertise of International Medical Spain.

The new branding project for International Medical Spain by JA Creative Design has been carefully designed to reflect the values and identity of the brand. The navy blue logo and negative medical cross represent quality medical care and International Medical Spain's commitment to excellence in healthcare.

We are excited to present this new branding project for International Medical Spain and believe that the resulting logo and visual identity will help the brand stand out in the marketplace and convey its message of trust and professionalism to its customers.

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